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Pictured: Steve Harvey, Khandi Alexander (Newsradio, ER) and Dan Roberts.

Puget Sound Radio Broadcasters Association “Soundie” Awards

2000-Best Announcer Presentation
2002-Best Announcer Presentation
2002-Best Community Service
2003-Best Use of Music
2008-Best Use of Music (song parody)
2009-Best Copy-writing

Excellence in Advertising (“E.A.R.” Award ($15,000 purse)
2006-Best Use of Music

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Celebration (2004)
Wrote and produced national promo featuring Bill Farmer (the official voice of Goofy)

Showcased on Clear Channel Power Producers CD (2004)

Clear Channel Meeting of the Minds Conference
Recognized for efforts in marketing web content to radio audience (2005)

Walt Disney Theme Park Toy Story Mania 4-D Attraction
Producer/Voice Actor for national campaign launching the new ride (2008)

2,000,000 iTune downloads of Ring Tales’ Dilbert cartoons within the first two weeks of release (2008)

15,000 YouTube views in one week for a video I directed and co-produced for Seattle pop-punk band Quickie called “Bikini Barista” (2010)

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